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Frustrated -.-'

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So, at the moment, I've been calling tons of local Petco's to see if I can adopt Jazzmine out through their services. It's always the same thing--

"Okay, so the only way we can do that, is if you bring her cage, water bottle, feed bowls, basically everything you have for her along with you to our store, because right now we don't have enough space ourselves."

And then my answer...

"*sigh* Oh, okay, thank... Bye."

But really inside, I'm like...


So I've decided I will anyway. But everytime I picture Jazzmine, in her blue wire, sotrebought cage, I have a tugging in my heart. I can't help but hope this next home will be her last...

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  1. CavySpirit's Avatar
    Excuse me, what? Are you trying to rehome your guinea pig? Do you have a listing on the zone?
  2. Kritastrophe's Avatar
    Is there a shelter in your area? or have you tried finding her a home? There's also listing her on the zone like CavySpirit suggested? I think there are better options out there as opposed to taking her to Petco to live in a storebought cage for who knows how long, given whatever food petco gives.
  3. SingMeAHarmony's Avatar
    @CavySpirit- Yes, I'm trying to rehome her, but no, I have no listing on "the zone." I've never heard of that?
  4. SingMeAHarmony's Avatar
    @Kritastrophe- Yes, I've realized that. That's why instead I've been trying to give her to someone I know in advance, not a stranger that I don't trust.
  5. CavySpirit's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SingMeAHarmony
    @CavySpirit - Yes, I'm trying to rehome her, but no, I have no listing on "the zone." I've never heard of that?
    It's all over the forum. Go to Guinea Pig Cages, Care, Shelters, Veterinarians - Guinea Pig Zone. Go the adoptables section. Register and create a listing.
  6. Kritastrophe's Avatar
    Awesome. Great to hear you have a good plan.
  7. SingMeAHarmony's Avatar
    @CavySpirit- Great idea, thanks! Although, I think I'd be much more comfortable with her being in the care of a friend so I can keep a careful eye on her, and make sure she doesn't fall in the hands of someone is not the ideal owner for her.