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Finding a job

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So I graduated from college last month (May). I graduated with a bachelors degree in Social work.
I knew with the current economy that I would have a time at finding a job... but I went ahead and worked hard at getting a cage/toys/hidey houses/fleece bedding... and bowls/water bottles.
I do not have food or water yet... as i don't have the guinea pigs. I don't have the guinea pigs because... I don't have a job.
I have the money set aside to adopt them and buy the last minute supplies.
But first I need a darned job. I send my resume to 2-5 places a day.
I am almost to the point of praying every time I check my e-mail or the phone rings.
I need a job so bad I am almost to the point of searching for any job and not just social work.
But I have to be able to start paying back student loans, which means I can't get a guinea pig if I don't make enough during the month.

This is a very stressful time.

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  1. wheekers01's Avatar
    I'm sorry that this is stressing you out! I'm sure everything is going to work out fine! Don't worry, be happy!

    Good Luck!
  2. Seonta's Avatar
    ^_^ Thanks.
    I'm not too bad off emotionally. I just really need to get a job. The best I can do is keep sending in resumes and filling out applications.
    On the bright side I know what rescue I will check first when I know I make enough to have some cavies.
  3. Peggysu's Avatar
    Good luck. Something will come along, everyone is hurting even those of us who have jobs.
  4. Sponge's Avatar
    It is incredibly difficult to find a job at the minute (which you already know) but you have one thing that a lot of people don't have, that's a degree! Keep at it. Maybe consider jobs that aren't in your sector but are still well paid (if there are any) where your degree will give youa leg up, but keep applying for jobs in social work. Keep at it, soon you'll have a job and some lovely piggies!
  5. Mamma-Harlow's Avatar
    Hey, I can only understand too well where you're coming from. My advice to you is that when you go to adopt the piggies, make sure they are healthy and sound. Vet bills are sky high these days and I spent more money treating my piggies for mites than I paid for them, all their toys, home, fleece, food and bottle all together!
  6. Seonta's Avatar
    I plan on adopting them from "this little piggy and me" rescue. It's the closest place. I'll ask her lots of questions, and double check that I have the same gendered cavies.