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It's Boring and I Love It

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Life with my guinea girls has settled into a predictable (some might call it boring) routine...and I love it! I had so much drama with my initial two pigs that I love it now that things have settled into a happy predictable routine.

Mufasa was my first piggy, and the poor little guy had a URI when I bought him, although the signs were so subtle that I brushed them aside until it was too late. I never knew it was possible to get so attached to a cute little creature in just 15 days. After the big rush of buying all the necessary supplies, studying up on piggies, bonding with him, learning his likes and dislikes, it was devastating to lose him.

Okay, things should be calmer the next time around, right? I thought so when I adopted "Leela" from a shelter and set out to find "her" a friend. I then found Amy on Craigslist, but surprise, surprise, Leela was really a boy. I found out in time to prevent any pups, but now I had to separate their cages and playpen until Leela-now-Borat could be neutered.

Surely that would be all the drama, right? Nope. Borat stopped eating after a couple of months, and after a whirlwind month of force feedings, vet visits, and big bills, he turned out to have a genetic problem. Sadly, he joined Mufasa in the makeshift backyard pet cemetery.

Bo's spirit knew I still had lots of love left to give to a piggie and led me to Quinn as a companion for Amy. Now I have my two girls, and our days are a nice, normal routine of salad in the morning, refreshing of the hay pile, lap time, floor time, and evening salad, punctuated by veggie treats in between. I clean their cages every day, weigh them weekly, and revel in their happy, healthy little selves. Thankfully, no drama of sexing or sickness or anything else.

I know things can change in a heartbeat with animals, but I hope this nice, boring routine continues. I like excitement as much as the next person, but not when it's linked to my animals.

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  1. traceyennis's Avatar
    I also love my "boring" routine with my 2 girls. I work from home so get to spend a lot of time with them and I absolutely love it! It's great being able to watch them for most of the day and they never ever fail to make me smile/laugh each day with their antics.