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Stuff on guinea pig nose?!?!

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Hi, I have had my adorable little guinea pig for a bout 9 months now and everything is fine. He has some stuff on his nose! i dont know if its boogers or not because he doesn't stay still long enough to let me see it. it might ever be a cut because h lives with another male guinea pig. I really want some help. i dont want him to die of some kind of sickness that i can prevent. should i take him to the vet? I only want to take him tot the vet if i have to because my family doesn't have the most money. But if it looks like i should i will definitely take him there. but i really dont know what it is! maybe poop? i noticed he was lying in some the other day. (a little while before i seen the stuff on his nose) But i do keep his clean pretty clean (i clean it every week and then spot clean it every few days) I added a picture to help. Sorry for the bad quality i took it with my phone and he wouldnt stay still Sorry for the bad quality, i took it with my phone and he would not stay still

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  1. LifeAsItMayBe's Avatar
    Have you tried to wipe it off? My girls get pieces of bedding all over themselves because they love to dig, and run around kicking stuff into the air. I assume a booger would come off quite easily, too. If you can get it off with your finger you can look at it to decide what it is. If you can't get it off easily, don't. It might be a scab. One of my pigs had one under her nose that cleared up in about a week. You just have to watch it to make sure it doesn't swell or get red.