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Meet Devil Pig

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This is a new set of blogs im starting along with the following: Vegetarian journal, Emily's, Ally's and Lilly's Adventures along with just random posts. So I present to you Devil Pig.

Lilly is my Devil pig, that is her nickname by a few on this forum . Lilly is a naughty pig full of attitude but I love it and her. She is so spoiled. Her looks deceive her, she looks like a cute lil thing but she is feisty and full of spunky aby-tude.
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  1. Xeygwyn's Avatar

    Nibbles says 'hi' his own grumpy way. Perhaps they are a match made in heaven... LOL!
  2. xXMaggieXx's Avatar
    LOL, yes. Devil pig is not allowed to see that post, shes in heat LOL
  3. Inle_Rabbit's Avatar
    She so cute! How could she possibly be a Devil Pig.
  4. kaytiebabooah's Avatar
    My piggie looks just like her!!!!!
  5. mufasa's Avatar
    She looks so much like Amy! That color, coupled with Abbytude, must bring out the devil tendencies. Amy's nailed my hubby real good a couple of times with her sharp choppies.
  6. xXMaggieXx's Avatar

    @mufasa I think Ally looks like Amy too! Luckily Ally just licks you to death instead of biting

    @Inle_Rabbit Dont let her cuteness fool you! Thats when she strikes LOL