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Emily's Adventures: She has a big bum and she knows it

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So many of you know Emily, my big at girl, my mellow mallow, the foodie. Lets face it, she has a big butt and likes to strut it. When shes in heat she enjoys shoving her butt in the other pig's faces. she enjoys rubbing her butt on everything and when she finds something she likes she rubs her butt and wheeks, as if she is telling me what she thinks. Shes a mommy's girl. She constantly comes to the bars begging or attention, then I will put my hands in and she will hop in and I lift her up. she likes to lay on my stomach and nudges my hand. she loves being scratched on her bum, she will nudge my hand to where she wants it and I start petting her she purrs and popcorns and wheeks when you pet her favorite spot, in the middle of her big bum. she can lay their for hours getting butt scratches. Its her favorite past time Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	32941 Look at that big bum!

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