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Day 1: Being a vegetarian

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So today is my first day of being a vegetarian! It went well, my mom still kept trying to offer me meat, but I refused. It went well. So I will now be making this as blog posts occasionally along with the piggies. so yeah I also expanded the pig cage it went from a 2x5 to a 2x5 1/2 with 1x2 loft Click image for larger version. 

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  1. suzilovespiggie's Avatar
    Good for you. Keep it up. We are here for you to help. There is alot of vegetarian sites on the webb.
    PETA's website has alot of into and recipies also. Proud of you!
    Nice cage! Job well done!
  2. xXMaggieXx's Avatar
    Thank you! Ive been checking those out along with the forum here! thank you, the pigs seem to be enjoying the ramp running up and down and popcorning.
  3. Xeygwyn's Avatar
    I am proud of you. I certainly have found myself considering going vegetarian, but it is a difficult concept.

    I still love, love, LOVE your cage. The placement makes it even more interesting! I'm sure the devil pig loves you for her own way!
  4. xXMaggieXx's Avatar
    Thank you! Devil pigs loves you too, I wake up every morning to her staring at me from her loft, then she proceeds to popcorn and wake up the other pigs. Then its popcorn and wheek palooza until the veggies come!
  5. MrWhistles's Avatar
    Please don't support PETA.
    Can I ask why you decided to make the change to being a vetetarian?
  6. xXMaggieXx's Avatar
    I had been wanting to become one for a few years, I was never a big fan of meat, and I didnt like how the animals were treated. I dont feel that any animal should die so we can eat it. @Hhbean told me something which explained exactly why I wanted to become one: Bean said "Here I am telling everyone that eating piggies is bad, yet im sitting here eating cow meat." I feel that if I say one animal shouldn't die for food because I love them, why should another. @MrWhistles may I ask why you dont want me to support PETA?
  7. MrWhistles's Avatar
    @xXMaggieXx PETA is a company that lies and is 2 faced. They killed more animals than they "save" every year. And 80% of those animals they kill are adoptable and perfectly healthy.

    Are you aware there are companies that promise their animals are happy, healthy and free range? I purchase my eggs from my trainer. Her chickens are very happy, free range and very beautiful. Do you have farmer's markets that operates every weekend by you? Do you have a Whole Foods Market? Those are the only places I buy my meat and most of my veggies from.

    Peta Kills Animals
    Center for Consumer Freedom – 7 Things You Didn’t Know About PETA
    The Truth Behind Animal Rights Hypocrisy: PETA, SHARK and the ALF
  8. Hhbean's Avatar
    @MrWhistles while I agree with you about free range eggs, I'm not in agreement with killing any animal to satiate my desire for meat. It strikes me as odd that it's ok to slaughter an animal that has been treated humanely because the very act of taking their life is inhumane. The fact is that we are capable of surviving quite well without meat if we chose to. While I would be happy if everybody became a vegetarian, I chose this path because it was meant for me and realize that it's not for everybody.
  9. Hhbean's Avatar
    Love the cage!