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Lost and found...

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"Mommy, Cinnamon isn't in the cage!" - this is the first thing I hear from my daughter "B" as soon as I go down stairs to check on the piggies this morning. I'm thinking oh she must be hiding SOMEWHERE in there and B just didn't see her... Well I go down to the cage with the veggies, and check all the hiding spots, and I can't find Cinnamon! My face =

My daughter isn't allowed to take the piggies out of the cage, and even if she tried - Cinnamon is WAY too fast for B to catch her, so I knew that wasn't how she got out of the cage... She hadn't jumped out and hidden on the floor... Could someone have come in my house and stolen her?!

Then a thought occurs to me, I haven't checked my new hay bag, I go over and try to lift it - it's too heavy for just hay so I start digging through the bag.... Low and behold - it's Cinnamon!!! She jumps out and runs to the other end of the cage!!

Not only has Cinnamon figured out how to get into my Pig Out Pouch that @peeweesPiggyPalace made for me, Lightning copied his sister, and my pudgy little boy fits in there too! He's just not as stealthy:
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  1. schavarry's Avatar
    Whoops - PeeweesPiggyPalace made my Pig Out Pouch, not whoever was mentioned in the original post...
  2. xXMaggieXx's Avatar
    AWWWWWWW! so cute, silly pigs.
  3. Meaghan's Avatar
    Aww, that's so cute! How does that pouch work for you? Does the hay stick to it?
  4. schavarry's Avatar
    @Meaghan - it doesn't stick at all, works great! ...aside from the piggies climbing in it, then peeing and pooing before jumping out...
  5. Meaghan's Avatar
    Haha, that's great! Well, not the mess, but that's cute anywho.
  6. Kelly9's Avatar
    Oh my gosh, that is so silly! What a great picture!

    I found out that Flickers love to burrow in the hay. One day I put a huge handful of hay in the cage until I could make a hay basket and the next morning we couldn't find Flickers anywhere. I flipped out and looked all over the house. Then we heard rustling and finally found her burrowed so far into the hay that you couldn't see her at all. Cupcake doesn't burrow so much, but she is learning, .
  7. MissJean's Avatar
    I bet that was a huge relief to find her being a silly piggy in there! I would have a full on panic attack if I couldn't find my piggy. I'd be a pitiful clump on the floor, crying in the fetal position!
  8. PeeweesPiggyPalace's Avatar
    Lol.. That is funny! I can send you strips to sew in if you would like. My piggies havent gotten in mine.. Yet.. Lol love the photo!
  9. schavarry's Avatar
    @MissJean - it was a HUGE relief, if I hadn't thought to look in the hay bag I'd probably have ended up in the fetal position on the floor!!

    @peeweesPiggyPalace - I may need you to send me some strips, I've gotta figure out something because the bottom of the bag is already covered in pee
  10. PeeweesPiggyPalace's Avatar
    No problem.. I'll try to get them in the mail tomorrow :)