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Zuidy's Piggy Pages-- Page 16 Part 2-- A Bit Of A Revision

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In page 16, I said I was going to leave. I was mad, sad, and confused.

Now my head has cleared and I know what I am going to do.

I will not be AS active as usual, but I will be posting here and there for people who need minor advice, and threads I deem not too "dramatic"

And of course, I love chatting in the chat room, so that's a perk.

Thanks to the wonderful @Paula who shot me a PM that kept me on my feet. I appreciate it, and I never thought somebody would be able to forgive me for my actions. It just proves that while many don't see eye to eye with the authority of this forum, that all you and the other admins, and mods, do everything in their power to maintain this place. And you do a DARN good job at it.


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