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"Got rid of"

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I hate seeing ads for cages or accessories where the people say something like "I got rid of my rabbit and need to sell it's cage." Or "We got rid of our guinea pig blah blah blah." It just sounds so harsh and cold. Like the animal was just a disposable item, not a living, breathing creature. Wording it like that makes it sound like their pet was some sort of god-awful hindrance.

I have never re-homed a pet. I simply could never do it. I made a life long commitment when I acquired my pets. I committed to taking care of them and giving them a happy life until the end. I understand that many people need to re-home their pets, and there's no shame in that. It's better to re-home and give the animal a chance at a happy life instead of taking on too much responsibility and caring for it poorly. My poor Sheldon has made his way across most of Southern Manitoba before getting to me. Thankfully he will have a home with me forever and won't have to be passed around anymore.

I just wish people would do as much research as they possibly can before committing to a pet. It's not fair to be shuffled from home to home.

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  1. mufasa's Avatar
    I totally agree. I've never "gotten rid of an animal," and barring any crazy major unavoidable circumstance in my life, I never will. With the exception of Mufasa, all my piggies have been cast-offs, and it boggles my mind how something I love so dearly could have been worthless to someone else. We went through a month of force feedings and a big chunk of our vet fund in our attempt to save Borat, yet someone dumped him at a shelter with no more thought than it takes to toss away a piece of garbage. I'll never understand that mindset.
  2. Dahlia's Avatar
    yeah you are right ellisa. it sounds like the pet was a passing pleasure for the kids who wanted to show off to their friends. then, when all the friends had seen the pet, it was dumped. i havent ever "gotten rid of" an animal either and i dont intend to unless something unforseen happens.