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Zuidy's Piggy Pages-- Page 15-- If Threads Had A Better Starting Foundation

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So, for the past few weeks, I have seen my fair share of threads closed.

Usually I let it pass because I agree that threads need to be closed. And I am sure this was the case here as well.

But one stuck out to me. A thread about a certain Pig being pregnant.

I quoted a Moderator, not asking for said Moderator to come back and start an argument. I just wanted to show how people had not been listening to the OP and constantly repeated questions.

Instead, this person came back and got into a fight with the OP. Eventually, an Admin closed the thread. This person told the OP to NEVER post a thread about the babies again.

This OP got blamed left and right for "intentionally" breeding. But I know this person, and have since they came to this website with pregnancy questions. I helped them. This person did not "intentionally" breed, as a breeder would. And it was not fair.

I have been having to post more and more about dangers of breeding, why people need to separate sexes, why they need bigger cages. And the number of times I have to do so only get larger, month by month.

Now I am still fairly new here, of only half a year. But I know that these numbers have increased. And they shouldn't be.

I find myself frustrated and confused because I do not know where to begin talking to some of these people. It angers me. A lot. I am confused because of all of the information people need sometimes and I cannot give it all to them.

Somebody is going to tell me to leave the forums because of my anger. But I won't, because I love being here. I just wish I could find the truth in certain posts. And what isn't true as well.

If threads could get a better starting, with most of the information in 1 thread, the OP, everything would be easier.

Day by day I try to remind myself that my Pigs are first priority. And I shouldn't have to make other Pigs my priority.


But I know it isn't only me that does exactly that. And it is getting harder for me to not do so.

I want to help.

But I wish people would stop making it so hard.


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