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My boys are fighting

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Hello.This is my first blog post.Yay! I have to male brother guinea pigs that are six months old and are named Larry and Mo.Because of thheir age,they have began to fight.Please leave comments if you have ideas other than seerating them.Thanks!

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  1. cavyhelp56's Avatar
    Well i think all this fighting is probably caused by puberty, but here is my idea!
    You should get a c&c cage preferably a 3x4 or 2x5. Then, you will want to have 2 hidey huts, 2 food bowls, 2 hay racks, 2 water bottles, etc. I would give them a bath with guinea pig bath, to get rid of some of their scent. Also make sure you have a first aid kit and a blanket or piece of fleece to throw over them if a fight breaks out. You will know because their will be biting, scratching, screeching, and one big ball of fur around the cage. The first aid kit is if they get a scratch or get hurt of some sort. Then the fleece i already said, but it is for if a fight breaks out they will get distracted if a piece of fleece is over them, but then you need to get one of your guinea pigs out of the cage ASAP. If they do get in a fight, separate them, and wait until they pass puberty(10-13 months)!!!! Then after that follow these steps once again! If you don't know a c&c cage, is a inexpensive cage built with Storage cubes(found in Bed Bath and Beyond), and chloroplast(its like a cardboard plastic material used for signs, so it is found in sign shops)
    Any more questions please ask!
  2. ggpigs's Avatar
    Thank you cavyhelp56! I will go make that first aid kit right now! If anybody else has any tips,please help.Thank you so much!
  3. sugarbunnies's Avatar
    I hope you figure out something, I have no advice because I am in the same boat as you. I tried to put mine back together twice now and it did not work
  4. ggpigs's Avatar
    I am so sorry for you sugarbunnies! Maybe you should start a thread called What should I do about my pigs fighting?