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My last night :(

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As I sit here, wasting away the last hour of my anniversary alone, I think about how much more alone I will be tomorrow night... Lily sits on the floor in her pseudo play pen, munching on hay (as she lays in it like queen of the hay pile!) and I realize that this is my last night with her here.

As much of a pain this all has been, taking time to take Lily to the vet, cleaning her quarantine cage, making sure she takes ALL her meds every morning and night, weighing her every chance I get, dealing with her owner... I've gotten really attached to Lily in the past six wheeks I've been piggy-sitting her, and tomorrow I'm going to be sad to see her go

I love it when she's eating out of my hands after giving her the meds, and how she gets super feisty when I'm holding the pepper and she wants to do it herself! For only having one functional lung, and weighing less than 600g, she's one strong/tough pig! If she weren't such a fighter, she wouldn't have lasted this long! I really hope her owner sees what I see in Lily and continues to take care of her!

I should stop rambling now, it's making me sadder...

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