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Adventures in Guinea Pigs

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Well we've had our two girls for a month and we are enjoying every minute. Bella is our mama pig and she is 29 weeks old and Mya is our baby pig and she is 10 weeks old. We adopted them from a lady that ended up with a mating pair. She kept the Daddy pig and the son. We got the girls. Mya is my daughter's pig and Bella is mine. We keep them in a 2 by 5 C&C cage in our dining room/den area. I'd love to make them a bigger cage in a couple of months, but for now the 2 by 5 will do. My first two weeks of having the girls I was a nervous wreck. I would check on them every five minutes. Were they eating, drinking, pooping, was their pee cloudy? My husband thought I was nuts. Things are better now, but I'm still weighing them every night to make sure they are gaining weight.

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