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Zuidy's Piggy Pages-- Page 7-- SOOOOOO HOTTTT!!!!

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Gah, it has been so hot around Michigan lately! Weather has been up to 95 for the past week!

To keep the girls cool, I am running an Air Purifier to keep dust free from the air and to keep the air comfy and pure. I am also putting a big frozen jug in their cage which they love (don't tell them, but I love it too for sleeping!) every day. And I chill their water bottles in the freezer.

This is my first Summer with the girls, but I think I should survive. Even though I can't help my face being this red from the heat >>

Haha. Oh well though! We are surviving.

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  1. MissJean's Avatar
    Anything above 75 makes me moody. I can't imagine dealing with your weather! I never knew it got so hot there.
  2. Zuidy's Avatar

    Michigan weather honestly doesn't usually get this hot. We mainly have unpredictable weather, but this IS a bit high.

    It looks like we are going to have about a 10 degree Fahrenheit decrease in temperature in the next 2 days, but on Sunday back in the 90's.

    My girls are doing good, munching on their watered down, cool and crisp Veggies.
  3. cottoncandy946's Avatar
    I'm in the same boat as you. It's been horrible the last two days in minnesota but thank god their was a cool breeze today. *WHOO!* Just enjoy your two days of "cooler" weather. ) Good luck keeping the piggies nice and cool.
  4. xXMaggieXx's Avatar
    Goodness your lucky! It hasnt been below 101 so far but it feels like 105-107. The pigs are happy we have ac constantly going and a fan on so they stay nice and comfy!
  5. go_ellie's Avatar
    Wow!! IT is hotter that heck here!! It was 105 yesterday and going to be 103 today!!! I moved the pigs to the basement and they have frozen bottles and fans going in the room. None of the animals mind the heat- but so far it's killing me!!! :)
  6. Zuidy's Avatar
    Michigan hit about 100 yesterday, official airport readings!

    Gosh. Well, I have a fan going and a mini AC unit running, and frozen bottles of course. Blech blech blech.....WOOH! Still hot nevertheless!
  7. millsma's Avatar
    Wow, it's very cool to see somebody from Michigan, here.