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Zuidy's Piggy Pages-- Page 6-- It's Been A While!

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Hello everyone!

I haven't done another blog post in a while. So here I am, continuing the Piggy pages.

Both of my Piggies, Lil' Babe and Big Sis' are doing great!

Since March, I have given both lap time every day for at least 5 minutes. Usually it is for 15 minutes to half an hour, with a potty break for them in between. I haven't been doing floor time because I realized that it would be a lot easier to do when they are both bonded with me. And that is going great-- They both are very fond of me-- and that is a great thing, because I had always struggled with bonding.

Both pigs greet me when I walk in, *enjoy for the most part* being petted. They don't run away when being petted. I love that the most!

I added a loft to their cage, a 1x2 loft, in place of their old 1x2 loft that actually wasn't on top of their cage-- it was about 5 feet away connected by a ramp-- and it was pretty sloppy looking.

It is much easier to clean this way!


So, since the last time I have posted, both of my Piggies are bonding really well with me. My name is James...... so call me James Bond-er-of-Piggies!


Thank you all for reading, and expect me to post more in this blog. But I will be at the forums very frequently!


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  1. Kelsie's Avatar
    I think it's so great that you can pet them while they are in their cage. Mine won't let me pet them unless I have them out, then they are fine with petting and sitting on my lap. This is O/T but I was wondering what happened with the piggy you rescued and adopted to the girl who was going to the university?
    Your James Bond-er comment was pretty funny.
  2. MissJean's Avatar
    James Bond-er-of-Piggies.. you're so silly!

    Glad to hear your piggies are bonding with you well!
  3. Zuidy's Avatar
    Thanks so much guys! I appreciate the comments!

    @Kelsie, she was adopted out to the girl at the University. I just got some more PIGtures from her yesterday of the Pigs. Unfortunately the introductions didn't go over so well, as the other Pig had a piece of her nose bit pretty bad! It bled, but is better now.

    She built the Piggies a 2x6, so she is separating them each into their own 2x3 areas. She will try re-introducing them in Fall sometime after they have been next to each other. It seems like they want to try it again.

    But they are doing good! Very good! Thanks for asking!