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Cage Expansion and Pigtures!

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Hello, everyone!

A few days ago my family and I moved into our new house! We are all very happy to be here, and really love the place. Since the pigs don't have to be in my bedroom anymore, I was able to expand their cage a bit. Penny and Shelly went from a 3x3 C&C cage to a 3x4. Sadly, I think a 3x4 is as big as we can go, but the piggies seem to be rather pleased! They are lazy bums when they are in their cage, but once they hit the floor for play time, boy can they run!
Here's a picture of their new cage! It's just a simple 3x4 but we quite like it!
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After I cleaned their cage today I had some free time. I decided to do a little photoshoot since I didn't have any good recent pictures of them. Even with food bribes they didn't want to sit nicely together for a picture. I was only able to get one decent shot of them sitting with eachother. It's not that good of a picture, they both look mad at me! I love their expressions! Here it is:
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My poor Sheldon is camera shy. I did get a very cute picture of him, though! I can't believe how well he is doing since I rescued him. Other than the eye issues, he is looking so good! He's gaining weight every week! I love my little choco squish so much!
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Now for my wild child, Penny. She is such a crazy little diva. She's so demanding and very spoiled! I'm so glad Sheldon is such a good boy to put up with her naughty behaviour! Even though she's a hyper hypo, she really is a mama's girl!
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I hope everyone enjoys the pictures! I'm hoping to do a better photoshoot once things calm down from the move!

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  1. cibrown's Avatar
    Love the pictures! What cuties you have.
  2. ellisa's Avatar
    Thanks! I'm quite in love with them!
  3. Raine59's Avatar
    I love that pic of the two of them together and their expressions. It's like they're saying, "All right, we'll sit still for your silly picture, but we better get something good out of this deal." LOL
  4. Fizzlepop40's Avatar
    Aww, as usual!! I love the cage expansion, ellisa! Is Sheldon's eye getting better? Say "hi" to your pigs from me, ok?
  5. Roo99's Avatar
    The first pic of just the piggies is precious! They're just like, "We can't believe that you're making us do something so silly and pointless when we have a fresh cage to explore!" My pigs are like that when I do photo shoots.

    Also, did they get their names from 'The Big Bang Theory'? That show is hilarious!