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Have you ever been sitting at your computer, or on the couch, and you feel an itch on your arm? Sure you have. Has the itch ever moved? I was sitting on the couch today reading something, and an ant crawled up my arm! And this sounds really childish, but I hate bugs! So now I'm on red alert looking out for bugs. And I don't even get out of my house next year, I'm commuting to college! I think that I'm going to call the exterminator if my mom doesn't soon. The ants are everywhere! And I'm not going to pay my parents rent for a basement with ants all over it! (I'm renting the basement, as I do have a job)

I really like posting to this blog..... Too bad an ant crawling up my arm is the most interesting thing that ever happens in my life.

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  1. Seonta's Avatar
    There are other ways to keep and get ants out of the place without poisoning the environment.
    peppermint plants in the yard and peppermint oil used to wipe down potential entrances will repel them.
    this site has some useful tips on other ways to prevent ants from going where you don't want them. some of these are dangerous around pets some aren't so read carefully:
    How to safely get rid of ants?? - I want to be cautious about using pesticides - Mamapedia™
  2. fieryone's Avatar
    We put cornmeal down where the ants were coming in. They take the pieces back to their colony but ants can't digest it. When they eat it, they die. It took about a week or so but it really did work, and without using chemicals or paying however much for an exterminator. Speaking of which, it's time to put some down again for this year.
  3. trump_cinnamon's Avatar
    The idea with the cornmeal is great! I wasn't going to have the exterminator actually come, I was just going to call and ask for some pet-safe ways to kill them. (The local exterminator, as surprising as this may sound tries to use as many eco-friendly and pet friendly things as possible, because this is what customers want nowadays around here) I'm going to put cornmeal down now, I found an ant in my bed!

    Should I put it around the perimeter of my room? Or should I put it in front of the door that goes to a staircase leading outside?
  4. fieryone's Avatar
    I put little piles where I saw most of the ants coming in. One pile by my front door, back door, and an area in my pantry as well as by the garbage can. They go right to it and bring it home like they would with any other food source on the floor. Warning: seeing all of the ants is gross for a few days. Give them time to eat it. Apparently grits work in the same way.
  5. CavySpirit's Avatar
    Useful post for me. Thanks!