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One of those Days...

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Ever have one of those days where it seems that anything that could go wrong does? Well as far as the guinea pigs go, this is kinda one of those days.

After getting home from doing college applications, I gathered up all three of my pigs and took them to the vet to get their nails clipped. I only had one carrier so I get the crazy idea to just wedge a barrier into a long laundry basket since I would be by myself, thinking that would keep the boys separate from Momo, my only sow. Hah! Halfway through the 9 minute drive to the vet, I hear a lot of wheeking. At the next light I look over and, sure enough they'd pushed the barrier up with those strong little heads of theirs and the boys were chasing Momo. I felt so bad because there was nothing I could do while driving, but I was grateful that there wasn't any sounds of fighting or bloodshed.

We get to the vet and I replace the barrier, only to have them dislodge it again when I go get the clipboard to fill out a new patient form. So I pick up Momo and hold her while filling out forms. Luckily I didn't have to hold her long, as one of the ladies told me that they were going to go ahead and take Momo back and clip her nails. When they brought her back out, they'd put her in one of those cardboard carriers, which I was grateful. The finished up with the boys, I paid and we went home.

So we arrived home and I got everyone inside where it was cool. I put the boys up, admiring their nice mani-pedis. I open the cardboard carrier, to put Momo up, and all but freak. There is blood all over the bottom, and at first I think that maybe one of the boys had hurt her after all. When I pick her up, I discover that it was one of her claws. I remembered that I heard her scramble whenever I made a turn and I could've kicked myself for not driving more carefully. I try to find some cornstarch or my styptic pencil but no such luck. I call the vet and rush her back up there. I admit that I may have sped a little on the way up, but one of my babies was in trouble.

A few minutes after they took her back, we were leaving and everything was fine again. The tech gave me a styptic stick and piece of gauze in case it started bleeding again. We're home now and miss Momo is relaxing in her floor time area, and I'm relaxing for a few minutes before I clean her cage. Luckily, she doesn't seem to worse for her ordeal. She even snatched a carrot from my hand, giving her characteristic "mine!" grunt as she did so.

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