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We're spying on the pigs again

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My husband setup a video camera for me to spy on the pigs. It has a motion sensor and will capture videos when there are movements. Here are some of the videos. Enjoy!

Coco Zoomies and Popcorns... - YouTube

Coco Morning Work Out and Breakfast - YouTube

Coco and Cookie Love Their KM Pellets - YouTube

PS. We will be setting up another cam for the top bunk.
Note: Cookie is not pregnant! He's my fat neutered male who lives with my female Coco.

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  1. cynpz's Avatar
    Hilarious!!!!!!!!!! They are soo cute and too funny!! thanks for sharing! I like to spy on Ritz too they're such funny animals!
  2. oblra's Avatar
    Love the videos..... I camp out in a chair and watch our boys
  3. Inle_Rabbit's Avatar
    Cute! They certainly seem like happy active little guys. =D
  4. Piggie23's Avatar
    Thats so funny.... piggies on surveillance!! It is incredible how fast they do their blog laps. Formula one pigs!

    I have an indoor window next to our piggies cage and you can watch them from their and they don't catch on... my desk is right there so I can watch the boys playing.... funny piggers!!!
  5. Frapplove's Avatar
    I love Cookie's dewlap!
  6. SurfingPigs's Avatar
    Aw Cookie and my Buddy could be the faces of Slimfast for Pigs. Such happy looking pigs!
  7. lissie's Avatar
    Thanks everyone

    I like this video here. My husband was giving them apples and the boys on the top bunk already finished theirs and were asking for more... while my husband didn't even see them. One was doing a circle to beg for more apples.

    Daddy... We want more apples... - YouTube
  8. JessicaSayzRawr's Avatar
    Thats adorable!
  9. ellisa's Avatar
    I love Cookie's butt crack!