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While Clean Their Cages...

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Someone got really comfy during cage cleaning time. I made the mistake of putting this bed on the sofa while I cleaned. Since the sofa is where the pigs are banished to during cleanings (mostly because I am right next to it and can keep the cat away) Reko decided he rather liked living out side of the cage.

Mr. Eschimpf tried to help Mojo out by giving him a clean Cavy Cave, which he placed upside down, though I don't think Mojo isn't minding too much.

Mean while, Eve and Romeo are working on make their cage mess again.

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  1. Kim37040's Avatar
    Too cute!!!
  2. ellisa's Avatar
    So cute!!
    How long have Eve and Romeo been together?
  3. CanadianComforts's Avatar
    They have been together since June 2011.
  4. ellisa's Avatar
    They are adorable together! I'm trying to gather all the info I can about female/male pairings before I adopt my little guy. Thanks so much for the reply!
  5. CanadianComforts's Avatar
    Oh no problem if you have any more feel free to PM me. There was some things I learned from having them that people never told me when I was asking around. So don't be shy and ask away
  6. MookaGuineaPig's Avatar
    Very cute!! Where did you get those guinea pig beds?
  7. CanadianComforts's Avatar
    MookaGuineaPig, Thanks, I made them
  8. MookaGuineaPig's Avatar
    Ooh, well great job!
  9. Gigabyte's Avatar
    Awwww - Eve and Romeo are so cute. And do tell where you got their beds!
  10. lizzyc's Avatar
    what kind are eve and romeo.. they are so wonderful!!
  11. CanadianComforts's Avatar
    @Gigabyte: I made them. I own my own bedding company so I'm always making new beds for my crew.

    @lizzyc: Romeo is a Peruvian, with a hack job hair job. Eve is unknown. Shes part Peruvian and maybe part teddy or texel.
  12. Gigabyte's Avatar
    What a talent! I have a sewing machine but it doesn't take kindly to fleece. :/
  13. MookaGuineaPig's Avatar
    Do you happen to sell those beds online anywhere? If not, you should consider making an Etsy shop (Etsy - Your place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies), I bet they'd be quite popular!
  14. CanadianComforts's Avatar
    @MookaGuineaPig: I do have an online store, but I am not allowed to advertise on here. Google Canadian Comforts OR I believe if you click on the "home page" Link under my profile picture in my profile, that will get you to my site.

    I like having my own site as it cuts the cost from selling it on ebay and etsy because of fees.
  15. MookaGuineaPig's Avatar
    Okay, I'll try to find it Thank you!
  16. CanadianComforts's Avatar
    No problem. I would send you the link but I really wouldn't like to get into trouble.