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Invader zim gang update #2

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So it has been about a week since the Invader Zim Gang has been in their separate but large cages and I am seeing a B-I-G difference. It was a shock to them at first, not sure what to make of all the spacings just between the four (2 per cage). Gir (dominant male) is now developing his character, literally running around in the evening hours pop-corning (I hope or he has major heart attacks because he is jumped really high in the air and swinging his head). He rumbles a lot toward Gas nickname Skunk, and I saw them playing with each other one day! It was so Squee!
My other two boys are well adapted to their new environment, Zim literally loves running up and down the little slope of a cage every night I hear him running (because the walls are so tall now I can't see my babies on the top ) Dib nickname Candy Corn, actually purred to me the other day so happeh!
Alas, not all is good. I started noticing that all four of my boys have small flaky patches of furr missing. Zim has a bald spot around his right side of his nose, Dib as it around his eyes and the top of his nose, Gir has it above his eye (he's still made at me for draining his abscessed on his shoulder ), and my poor little Gaz (da Baby Skunk) has it below his eye and possibly in his ear. I have made a doctor's appointment and done research to see what I can do. I am not sure what it might be! AH!

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