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I have to have a title?

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Ok, this is new for my piggies but they have recently started burrowing under the fleece in the corners. So I need to get some brick or something for each corner.

Freaks you out when you go to say hi and you can't see at least one piggie. Why do they do that? Do I need more hideys for them?

Jake currently weighs 19.16 ounces
Cinnamon weighs 20.14

I worry they are gaining weight too fast but they are young so that's normal?

They've started peeking over the coroplast to see what I'm doing. Piggie noses are so cute!!

I think that's all for now.

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  1. hilary's Avatar
    Aww, my piggies peek over too, especially when they know it's veggie time after I wake up and at night. I'm not sure about the weight, but I think it's normal for them to be constantly gaining/growing when they're young. My newest piggy, Batali, I just found out loves to burrow under the fleece too. It freaked my out like you said, when I went over the other night to say hi and only say two pigs not three. Guinea pigs are so silly sometimes. I gotta find bricks too, but I'm not sure where to get them. I suppose Home Depot.
  2. pigsmakemesmile's Avatar
    you can try using clothes pins to secure the fleece to the top edge of the coroplast. Another suggestion, if you can't find about rocks from your yard?
  3. Amsley246's Avatar
    Haha, all my boys like to borrow! The funny thing is, most of them are still small, except for Arlo, who is almost 5 lbs (shocking I know ), so when you go to say hi, you see all these little humps in the blankets then this huge one!