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Wow, its been a while....

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Hey guys! So This will be long...very it goes!

So the last time I posted was about rats...hmm. Ok, well anyways I do not really want rats anymore. Yes they are cute, yes they are smart, but not the pet for me. I think I have found the perfect pet. Ferrets. ok, well now I sound weird and obsessed with random differant animals that I will never have, but really, I have learned that they are amazing. I think I need to back up a bit though, because I have not said what happened in between the rats and ferrets.

Ok, so my mom did not have a job before, back when I had my Oscar and George, my guinea pig and hamster. Well, she got one. We lived in New Hampshire. Now we live in Florida. You can guess what happened. Well, the move had nothing to do with Oscar and George leaving, they sadly passed away. George of old age, who lived to the age of 3 (he is the hamster), and Oscar of possible disease as he had a lump in his side. We could not afford vet care, then, but we can now. Im telling you this because I do know that ferrets are a big responsibilty and can be pricy and need more vet care then most rodents.

Anyways, so here we are in Florida, having given away my beloved Charlie, the dog in my profile picture, because he was too big for our rental house. We also gave up my kitty who is now 18. We didnt want to stress her with the move, and gave her to a very close family friend from which we get regular updates. We were down her with my one remaining pet, Angel the black pug. I love her so much! In fact she is sitting next to me as I wright and snoring so loud that im contemplating waking her up...hmmmm. So we get down here, everythings great, its been about 4 months maybe...? My mom apparently has had this secret want of having a ferret! She sees an ad for a person giving up their ferrets and everything including the cage for $75. Yep, you heard me, $75. its the classic case of parent buys for kids. Kids get bored in a month. Parent does all the work. So she had to sell them. We did meet before deciding to buy them, making sure they are in good health and arent coming with a cage so small even a hamster couldnt live there. Nope, the cage is 2 levels, 8 sq. feet on both levels. Of course they had no type of bedding, just one hammok and a dirty pillow to sleep on, and a few cat toys to play with. We obviously said yes. We gave them fleece bedding, bought better litter as they were using clay based cat litter, got a second water bottle, and bought a tunnel for them to play in. We also threw out their old hammok (it was disgusting) and bought a new one as well as a little cozy bed. They are in heaven now, and so adorable.

The owners told us that the people they got them from just bought everything for their daughter, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, gerbils, and ferrits. All in one room. They said it smelled horrible. So they basically rescued them from a life of neglect. I appreciate that, but they still wernt the best owners.

I found they are actually pretty easy to care for as they are almost fully litter box trained. All we have to do is scoop poop and do a full litter box cleaning/change the bedding out once a week, and they actually do not smell bad at all! I am in love. Well I have to go, I may go check up on them soon. Bye!

P.S. I forgot to say their names are Sid and Ellie, like from ice age!

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  1. Pretty Piggies's Avatar
    They sound so cute! I love ferrets.