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Raccoon Babies in my Wall!

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This is the third year this mom has been back. She learned from the last time. She had the babies in the attic. They fell. Big drama. Had to cut a hole in my wall having no clue what the heck was going on. Looooong story short, the babies ended up going to raccoon rescue because she never came back for them in time.

This time, they are on the ground floor. Behind a tub in a bathroom. I can hear them through the bathroom wall. This time I'm going to leave them alone until they get big enough for her to move them.

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  1. AnimalHouse36's Avatar
    Oof. Fun! Haha. I wish you could get some pics!
  2. CavySpirit's Avatar
    I know. I'd be cool to snake a webcam or something through the wall, but it's also pretty dark, so I doubt there's much to see anyway.
  3. CavySpirit's Avatar
    I think I'm going to have to hire someone to come in in a few months and clean out that area.
  4. lissie's Avatar
    You can install night vision webcam.
  5. CavySpirit's Avatar
    Yeah right. Send me a link!
  6. Res Judicata's Avatar
    And I thought bats getting into my place was bad.
  7. Peggysu's Avatar
    How cool. Hopefully they aren't making a ton of noise.
  8. pringles70's Avatar
    when they built our house they draywalled a skunk into our wall in the master bath. that was fun.
  9. seredman's Avatar
    I have baby squirrels in my attic and they make a bunch of noise so I can feel your pain! I hope your raccoons aren't as loud. I swear the squirrels are having races up there at night!
  10. lissie's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by CavySpirit
    Yeah right. Send me a link!
    It's not really a webcam service. More like a hardware you'll have to buy. Probably not worth investing money in. SVAT Hi-Res Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision Color CCD Security Surveillance Camera CV67: Electronics
  11. Susan9608's Avatar
    T - we have raccoons in our chimney, a whole family of them. They drive the cats and the dog crazy, because we can hear them moving around and squealing and such.

    Not sure how to get rid of them. They come back year after year. Last year, we put some peppermint oil in the bottom of the fireplace; that drove them away for awhile, but they came back. <sigh>
  12. CavySpirit's Avatar
    My research a couple of years ago said the best way was to make it un-raccoon friendly with light and sound. Run a light bulb to the vicinity and turn on a radio, too. Of course, that's if YOU can stand it, too!
  13. Amsley246's Avatar
    Oh my! Raccoons, while cute, make BIG messes! My grandparents had them break in to their cottage before. They went ofr a walk and I guess the racoons came in throug the attic and when my grandparents came back, they found the whole cottage a mess, they just torn through everything.
  14. Pennylou's Avatar
    Oh yea...I've had my share of things like that with baby bunnies and garages and brick walls.