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  1. I am so terribly sorry for your loss...oh that is just so awful, I am deeply sorry Letica. We really missed your observations given your knowledge but I completely understand now. Thank you for telling me.

    Again hon, I am so sorry -sending you a BIG HUG RIGHT NOW....and may your days continue to brighten a little more, each day. Suddenly one day, you will begin to notice the days aren't so dark, and the clouds are at bay, you can feel the sunshine warm, upon your face....and you can smile, once again.
  2. I have been meaning to write back... I few months ago during you experiment I lost a family member and disregarded a lot of my commitments... I am SO sorry for not being able to write you and explain what was happening. I hope your experiment went well and I hope you'll consider me for your next research. Best to you, Leticia
  3. hello there ! Just tried to send you and the rest of the "Sounds of Music" experiment group a pm, and it said that I couldn't send you any. Was that your preference, or did something happen ? Please email me at [email protected] ASAP...thanks ! I posted my observation report today and wanted to know what your thoughts were. Please email me soon, and let me know what is going on and why I can't send you any more pms.Thanks ! Kath
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