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  1. You are so very welcome ! Have a great night !
  2. You are so very welcome ! Have a great night !
  3. Thank you for complementing my report by the way! I had a lot of fun doing this experiment and seeing my piggies react!
  4. Hello there ! I am so sorry, it seems like I am always needing to empty out my inbox ! I will take care of that soon...I think if you would like to do a little taping and just add that on to the end of your observation report ( which looks AWESOME by the way....) that would be grrrrrrrreat ! ( As Tony the Tiger would say...heeheee)
  5. Hey kathlaaron! I tried to PM you about the "Sounds of Music" experiment but it said your inbox was full.
    I actually thought about taping some of my boys reactions, but I always remembered after I'd already started and didn't want to leave to find the camera. I think it sounds like an interesting idea though.
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