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  1. Sorry to bombard your page here, but as there's no other way for me to contact you that's the only choice I have, yes? Anyway, in response to your comment about posting to the adoptable discussion and waiting for approval of the post - it literally will NOT let me post there. I get this message: "Sorry, urockstar, but you do not have permission to access this page." And won't let me post anything. So, it's not a matter of waiting for it to be approved. How else should I go about it?
  2. Also, to fall in line with the strict grammar and spelling rules of the site, I wanted to correct my typo in my previous message to you, but cannot do so. I don't want that to add to my infraction, so I should have written, "Perhaps I should not have done that." 2am typos!
  3. I just find that you are coming off rude to me, and I recognize that I had an attitude with a few messages a while back, but I have been a member here for a LOT longer than that and was never a problem member. The past few months I've been going through a bit of a hard time, so I understand in retrospect my comments came off in poor taste, but it all started because of me defending another member. Perhaps I should nave have done that. Anyway, I suppose the only thing I was unclear on was that you originally told me I was "temporarily banned" until a certain date, and I was under the impression that time has come and gone. I'm sorry you think I'm wrong in saying so, but I find the whole thing of having to "earn" back my normal status to be a bit much. But what can be done. (Clearly, nothing.) Thanks anyway.
  4. I'm not understanding a proper way to contact you since your profile has seemingly been updated, but I am really hoping to get this infraction or whatever it's called removed - I saw your last message to me saying it wouldn't be utnil July 12th - I don't know why I have to wait that long as this point and really trying to access the adoptables discussion to discuss my guinea pigs possibly needing to be rehomed and this block is preventing me from doing so. I have been a member of this forum for a VERY long time and understand I had an attitude a while ago but I really feel it's been long enough, and I hardly post here anyway! But I'm in need right now and would really appreciate the help in trying to post. Sigh. This isn't a big request, I believe it's already been more than a month.
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