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  1. Hello! Fellow member Schavarry recommended I talk to you. I have a 1year and 5 month old male Abyssinian guinea pig and I was thinking about getting him a friend. The contender is 5 months, and is also male. I was just wondering if it's okay to skip the 3 week quarantine process if the new pig has a clean bill of health? The reason I ask is because the shelter I'd be getting the new pig from only allows a 72 hour period of being able to "return" an animal should anything not work out at home. If anything, as sad as it would be, I'd want to be able to return the new piggy back to the shelter if he and my current piggy don't get along. I don't have enough room to build another separate c&c , and I wouldn't want to keep the new piggy in the cage that the shelter gives as it's too small. Advice is greatly appreciated!
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