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  1. Thank you! Yes he chews on hay all day long! I took this picture when I just finished cleaning his cage.
  2. Thanks for the compliments Your piggie is adorable. Does he have unlimited hay to chew on?
  3. your cage looks really awesome! I would love to leave the sides bare but My guinea pig always bites and nibbles on everything, I'm scared he's gonna wanna bite on the coroplast. This is his cage as of now (working on the c&c cage) I love the c&c cages ! the cage in the photo has bars he always bites the bars. I try to put toys he chews that but likes the bars too! So I decided to switch to the c&c cage.. Also hes gotten too big for the cage! I want him to have lots of space! (Old cage on bottom) I really love the link and will just try that! Thanks so much!
  4. Hi,
    My fleece pads don't go over the sides. Mine lays inside the coroplast tray, like this:

    For fleece that go over the sides, I suggest this instructions.
    How to make a cage liner (with pic's) - The Guinea Pig Forum
  5. I am a little curious about the fleece! I saw your instructions on how to sew the matrees pad on to the fleece.. I love love this idea! But I was wondering on the coroplast (the sides) How do you put fleece over that neatly? My piggie will bite anything and everything and i wanted to cover all the coroplast with fleece. Would you know how I could do that?
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