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  1. Aww, yes, it doesn't sound like they do. That's too bad that they don't! Oh well! Thanks so much anyways!!
  2. Shoot...I was hoping they did, but it looks to me, like they do not. Because they only mention shipping to "U.S. territories here: All orders for Alaska, Hawaii, & U.S. Territories require Air Delivery. Please select your expedited delivery option during checkout.

    So sorry ! What do you think is meant by that statement up above ? I think it means only here in the U.S. Ellisa....sigh....
  3. Hi kathlaaron! I noticed you said you have bought products from Drs Foster and Smith, and I was just wondering if you know if they ship to Canada? I've been to the site and I really like some of the items they have for guineas but I cannot find any info on whether they ship to Canada or not. I thought I would ask since you have ordered from them before.
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