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  1. that's the perfect reason why i want it fixed!
  2. Okay good, that is the best idea. So she doesn't get cancers.
  3. she will be once i get her
  4. IS the girl bunny fixed?
  5. no prob! i was planning on getting a regular dwarf that's caramel and white! she is sooo adorable; gladly she will be mine next week. i've been waiting for her
  6. I have 3 bunnies! 2 Netherland Dwarfs and 1 Mini Rex.
    What kind of bunny are you getting?
    Thanks for the compliment on my piggies!
  7. Your piggie(s) are so adorable!! Do you have bunnies to?? Because in some of your pic it looks like you have bunnies, if you do they are sooo cute! I wanna get a bunny in about two weeks
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