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  1. She was just diagnosed with Insulinoma which basically means low blood sugar. Since she's 6-1/2 I don't want to go the surgery route which the vet agrees with. She said it may give her another year at best but thinks it would be harder on her and then she would still end up on meds. She takes prednisone which doesn't have the same side affects on a ferret as it does on humans, cats, and dogs. She also won't eat her kibble so I give her a "duc soup" mixture and she eats that up willingly. Hopefully when I take her back to the vet she'll have gained some weight back. She was down to 1.75 lbs (from 2.25 which is big for a girl).
  2. Oh I never even thought about Reactine being Canadian. I guess perhaps it is! LOL
    How come your ferret is sick?
  3. Allergies are very annoying. I haven't heard of Reactine before so I googled it. Is that just a Canadian drug? Everything I looked at said Canada. I did try Zyrtec 1st but it wasn't helping. But that was before I got rid of the hay and switched to Orchard Grass. After the Claritin is gone I'll try the Zyrtec again. I don't have any breathing difficulties with my allergies. I got lucky there. I do have a cough but that's lingering from Bronchitis (which I had before the piggies came).
    We spoil our pets...that's what we do. Along with all the veggies I have to go restock soon, I have to get baby food for a sick ferret. She won't eat anything but her "duc" soup (baby chicken food, ferret kibble, hard boiled eggs, and some water all blended together). And I have to go bake the birdie bread before my bird gives me a migraine with all his squawking he's doing for his treats!
  4. Allergies are soooo annoying! I find reactine to be the best brand of allergy medication. But then again everyone is different.
    Is your breathing effected by the allergies? I had to go on puffers to deal with my allergies, it gave me allergy asthma basically. Oh what we put up with for our pets.
  5. Yup. I'm currently taking that and Claritine. It seems to help. I do tend to get great relief from the Visine Allergy.
    I did switch from bales of hay to Orchard Grass and that has helped. Unfortunately it's still a problem. I've never had allergies like this. I'm at a total loss. But don't worry....piggies are staying.
  6. have you ever tried visine allergy eye drops? They work pretty darn good. I am also allergic to hay and my pigs.
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