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  1. Hey, are you still looking for another pig? We had 3 guinea pig surrenders in the last 2 days. One I know, is a girl - I sexed her myself. The other two came in yesterday and I havent been over there to check them out yet (heading over tomorrow) but they are listed as a male and a female (though they've been wrong on that before)
  2. Oh you can adopt Minnie?? That's fantastic! They are open 11am - 5pm but adoptions stop at 4:30. I would call first to make sure she is there and to express your interest. I would bring a cat carrier (or something similar to carry her in). There is likely an application to fill out and then a small adoption fee. Since there is no vaccinations or microchipping or spay/neuter, she could go home with you that day. :-) Let me know if you can be there and when. I am puppy sitting not too far from there and can try to meet you there because I've never actually met her either. I saw her briefly in the stray room before she went up for adoption.
  3. Hi cavymama! I actually live in Machesney Park. I would love to adopt little Minnie! She's adorable. I went to the website but there's no info on adoption of small animals. What do I need to bring with me? I've adopted from there before but I assume it's a little different with small animals. I could probably make it there tomorrow.
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