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  1. Hello, thanks for writing a comment! Sorry i haven't talked to you in a while, i've been very busy lately.
  2. Hi there ! It's been so long since I wrote a message here.
  3. I might (when I get a bigger cage) build them a hay loft, so the hay stays up there and doesn't go on the fleece. But I don't think it's very good for piggies to eat socked hay...
  4. Thank you for accepting the friend request. I bet they sure miss it! Like you said, it's a pain to clean out the pee and poop out of the hay "box" since they like to sit in it and dirty the hay too.
  5. I accepted your friend request
    My piggies don't like the hay rack so much, because they liked to sleep and poop in it, but it was a pain to clean, so they're going to stay with it for now.
  6. That seems like a great idea. Thanks, i'm going to try it and see how i like it!
  7. I'm sorry the hay box doesn't work for you...Today I went to the dollar store and bought a small stackable storage bin. I attached it by the outside of the cage, kind of like this : home made hay rack - Guinea Pig Cage Photos
    exept I used a plastic box instead of a kleenex box.
    Maybe this could be an option for you .
  8. Unfortunately the hay box doesn't work very well. I've try putting it up higher so maybe they would just eat it, not go in it and pee and poop but they jumped up and got in it and i'm still having a problem just that. It seems as though when i fill it up high with hay they won't go in it. I'm thinking about buying another set of grids and maybe adding on to their cage (a 1x2 loft or something like that) and bending a grid for a hay rack and see how it works. I was also thinking under the hay rack to put a cat little box filled with bedding so maybe the hay won't get all over the fleece. Sorry this is so long.
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