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  1. Thanks!
  2. Miss Jean, the name of the classical Pokemon is "Pokemon Reorchestrated." If you google it, they're on YouTube. His remix is part of a video he made. I asked him if I could let someone else see it and he said no.....He said the Pokemon part is only a short part at the end of the video and it's not done yet.
  3. I'll ask him. He's working until 10:00 tonight and has school in the morning. He's played some stuff for me but I don't know if he's put anything up. One of the other things that he showed me was some classical music versions of Pokemon songs. I'll ask him about those, too, and get back to you tomorrow..... I just noticed your profile pic.... I love it!
  4. Does your son put the remixed songs on youtube? I wouldn't mind a listen!
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