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  1. Hi! Nope, still not better. But I can't find good homes for the piggies so I'm keeping them until I find a good home for all of them. Thanks for asking
  2. Hi Laura! How are your allergies? I know you started a thread about how you might have to re-home your pigs because of them. Has it gotten better? I hope so!
  3. Thank you! Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss. I've have 3 hamsters. They are such cute animals!
  4. They are very cute! I have two jack russels Bella and Jackson.
    And one goldfish, Cora.
    My hamster died 2 days ago
  5. Hope the intros go well! I have 2 sows, Oreo and Snickers. If you look at my gallery you'll see all their pigtures. Do you have any other pets? I have an Aussie named Ranger. I put a few pictures of him in a album on my profile.
  6. I have 3 now but when Edward gets over his neutering I'm going to put him in with the girls.So then I will have two cages =]
    How many piggies do u have?
  7. Well, they are very sweet looking. =) I saw your picture of one of your cages, and looked like there were more cages in your room. How many cages do you have?
  8. Thanks so much! I have 7 pigs but I only have Sydney and Penney's photo up
  9. You have ADORABLE pigs!! <3
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