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  1. Am I Crazy?

    I love my guinea pigs, but I quite often think, "I won't get more when they're gone." Like, by then I'll probably have other stuff going on, right? YET, every time I see available pigs in my area... I have to look, and have my heart broken. I just want to save ALL the little homeless piggies! Why is that wrong? Oh yeah, because I live with my parents and have already taken over half the dining room with a double-decker C&C of awesomeness.

    A couple weeks ago I saw a pair ...
  2. The Butterscotch Blog|Entry Two

    April, 26, 2016
    Woo hoo!!! Score! My younger sister adopted a guinea pig His name is Oakley and now Butterscotch has a friend ^-^ They get along greatly so far <3 I might let my sister sign up for the forum, but that's a maybe, I don't know for sure yet.. Should I?
    Let's see, what else happened? Oh yeah, testing for school happened, I took 3 tests today it took about three hours and 30 minutes. I don't like tests at all. I don't think there's anything else I need to explain ...
  3. The Butterscotch Blog|Entry One

    (Sorry for the title, didn't know what else to call it...)

    April, 25, 2016
    Recently I've been training Butterscotch to follow me, it's going really well He follows almost anyone's feet now, it's really helpful when I'm free-ranging him inside since I can keep an eye on him so he doesn't get in trouble. I am also wondering what other tricks I can teach him.
    Other than training I've been trying to get a very tight bond with Butterscotch so far so good!
    To be
  4. Chocks sleeping space...

    Since i changed chocks house recently he's become more highper and he's become full of energy since his house was changed...
    He is getting better about being picked up since his house was changed and hand feeding increased...
    He gets very worried when i have to take his house out to clean the area under it as it has no bottom.
    Guinea Pigs
  5. Chocks floor time...

    Chock really seems to love his floor time.
    I've been running him twice a day since the clocks changed as he seems to have more energy than he did before the clock changed
    I don't know if its because its spring or what...
    He has a beautiful summer coat this year...
    Think its because i changed his hay...
    He gets grass hay in his cage and wheet, barley and oat hay in his hay box for inside his pen during floor time
    He also has fresh dandelion as its the season ...
    Guinea Pigs
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