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  1. Does anyone know what this might be?

    We saw this just now when we went to look after our guinea pig. Does anyone have any idea what this might be? It's a huge bald spot. He seems fine other than that.... Running around and eating.
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  2. Rescued two piggies today. A short story, Part 4.

    Right now!

    So, I sat and watched them for awhile. Not only to talk to them and see how they acted, but to try and catch a glimpse of their tummies, which I could not.

    Instead, what I watched was very fun. The older sister instantly assumed dominance. She rumblestrutted diagonally across the cage, then paced the edge, stopping to rub her butt on the fleece (home sweet home!), and then rumblestrutted at the corner again diagonally to the other side.

    It was really ...
  3. Rescued two piggies today. A short story, Part 3.

    Right now!


    We arrived at home, and like a newborn baby, I cradled the box and brought it inside. Rosetta heard me come in and wheeked hello. Or possibly, 'Hey, ma, you've been gone all day and my tummy is a grumbling! I need the greeeeennnss!' ...which, I don't know why I've suddenly given her an Italian young male voice from the 80's, but I guess that's just a thing now.

    Moving on!

    Remember that terrible cage I didn't want to use ...
  4. Rescued two piggies today. A short story, Part 2.

    Right now!

    Lo and behold, I popped on CL for my annual piggy check and to flag some more breeders last night...and a little grey and white piggy was peeking at me between the bars of a mouse cage.

    So tiny and innocent, I clicked on the ad.

    It wasn't just one cute little baby piggy, it was two! And it wasn't just a mouse cage, it was a tri-level cage! Sharp inclines, no sides, and the bigger sister pig was wider than the ramp!

    I knew I couldn't ...
  5. Rescued two piggies today. A short story, Part 1.

    Did I say short? I'll probably overtype that by a mile. >.>

    (Edit: Whoops, turns out I wrote over 21,000 characters for this blog it'll be a four parter, as the cap is 10,000 characters! like 4 or 5 miles, eh? ^^;

    A little while back, I lost one of my guinea pigs (Rogue) to what appeared to be the side effects of a stroke and natural selection. Since then, I have been seeking a companion for Rosetta, her daughter.

    Throughout ...
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