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  1. Rocky the wonder-pig!

  2. Another reason to hate PetsMart

    I have been posting flyers for the rabbit rescue I foster for the past few days--we need fosterers badly--and today I hit up the local pet stores.
    Pet Supplies "Plus" and Petco were awfully friendly and pointed me to the community bulletin boards.
    At Petsmart, however, my experience was the exact opposite.
    The manager didn't even glance at my flyer, she just shook her head "No, we don't let people put flyers up here."
    As I was leaving, an announcement ...

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  3. making a free-range room tomorrow!

    Since I moved into this house [Nov. '09] I have wanted my seven cavies to have their own free-range room. Due to a heck of a lot of financial trouble, I haven't been able to afford to do it until now. I bought all the supplies [around $100] today and I am building it tomorrow. If I can figure out how [I've had a lot of trouble with the galleries in the past] I will post in-process and finished photos here. And they will definitely be on my blog,
    I'm so excited!! ...
  4. everyone loves new stuff!

    Tonight I found a big three-pack cereal box that one of my former roommates left behind. It still had some cocoa krispies that made for delicious chocolate rice krispie treats.
    I then cut off the flaps of the box, leaving one end open and one closed. And then I cut two circular holes and one square hole in it and gave it to my 5 sows, trading it out for one of their old bent-grid half-tunnels. I gave the half-tunnel to my 2 boars and they had a field day because it smelled like the lay-deeees. ...
  5. plug for my real blog.

    Tasha's Tails is a blog that I started about a week ago. My goal is for it to be a good resource without being a word-for-word regurgitation of GuineaLynx and CavySpirit. Of course, in full support of both, this is just my personal spin.
    In light of the lovely state that America's economy is in, my first few posts are about saving money, as many of us tend to overspend when it comes to our piggers.
    I am no Guinea Guru; I started this blog because of the reaction I always get when ...