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  1. Guinea Pig

    About 2 weeks ago l had to place my guinea piggy girl MoneyPenny to sleep because she had a serious grease gland skin condition & wouldn't stop scratching, so l had my local veterinary come to my place to place her asleep which was very sad & then l had my other guinea piggy girl Betty grease gland on her bum looked at & it wasn't serious like MoneyPenny's; stupid vet gave Betty a small dose of antibiotics (thinking it would clear up her grease gland) instead the antibiotics made Betty ...
  2. Dry Skin

    my guinea pig girl MoneyPenny has passed her 3rd stage of the grease gland skin condition & now her skin is coming off in dry clumps with fur as well; she's getting better but she still scratches her new skin & makes herself bleed when she scratches; l'm still using Coconut Oil, but was thinking of trying Humilac Spray to help her not to scratch her new skin, can l use that spray on her or not?