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  1. Tribute to Chunky

    Sadly, my Pug, Chunky, recently passed away. He was a sweet, beautiful boy who lived to be the age of ten. I love him so much, he can never be replaced. Although it pains me to do so, his story deserves to be told. My wonderful Pug, I will always love and never forget you.

    My family first rescued Chunky about nine years ago from an abusive breeder. He cowered when we neared him with the broom, and was apparently kept outside-in the heat-for most of the day. As was a Pug's nature, he ...
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  2. Training With The Piggies

    Thanks to @ClicknCavy I have decided to begin clicker training my piggies, though I have a feeling that Eggs wouldn't respond well to it quite yet because he's just so skittish.

    Anyway, I have begun training with Bacon and he is a wonderful, intelligent piggy. It is so amazing what you discover about your guinea pigs when you begin their training! At first, I wondered if Bacon's love for food would be distracting, a downfall for training, but it ended up being ...
  3. Pet Stores... My Personal Experience.

    One Day, about two years ago, something I was totally unprepared for happened...
    I went to the store to pick out my hamster. My old hammy, pumpkin, had just died (rest in peace my chubby boy D: ) and I was going to get a new one from Jack's Pets.
    So I picked out my gray and white female, Hammy, and took her home. Little did I know, less than two weeks later, something would happen that would blow my mind.
    Two weeks later I went to go change Hammy's water and food. I put her in ...