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  1. Dear Piggy Mommy (2)

    Dear Piggy Mommy,
    I have finally trained you to do a trick! It took me a whole year but I think you have it down. To all you other pigs with trick challenged mommys or daddys here are five easy steps to this wonderfully rewarding trick.
    Step 1: Eat all food in sight (unless its nasty)
    Step 2: Wait util it gets extremely dark
    Step 3: When Piggy Mommy goes to sleep begin to run around the cage very fast
    Step 4: While running begin to squeak and make lots of noise ...
  2. Dear Piggy Mommy

    Dear Piggy Mommy,
    We don't want the kiwi! Its so nasty tasting and slimy.
    (earlier that night)

    Piggy Mommy: Girls I have a treat!
    Me: Lettuce!
    Piggy Mommy: Its kiwi! Try some!
    Me: Eww don't put it near my nose. I think its alive!!
    PM: Try it
    Me: No.
    PM: Come on
    Me: Not happening
    PM: Just a nibble?
    Me: Never in a million years.
    PM: *sigh* I'll go get the lettuce.
    Me: Success!

    To wrap things up, ...