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  1. 5 Things A Guinea Pig Can Teach You; or, "Words of Wheekdom"

    Those of you around the site will know that I am relatively novel to the world of guinea pigs and their upkeep. What I lack in experience, however, I make up for in sheer determination and research capability- if I don’t know something, I won’t stop looking for the answer until I find it. This approach has been pretty successful. Be it a sneeze, popcorning, wheeking, eating too little, drinking too much- all of these behaviours can be read about, and explained. Indeed, with the wealth
  2. The Literature Piggies [ie. Bert + Ernie]

    On the 2nd July 2013, I was given an amazing gift (the best gift ever, in fact): a cardboard box.

    Okay, so it wasn’t the box that made the gift so great. It was what was inside it- my two adorable boys, Bert and Ernie! For the literature-savvy, that’s Robert Heinlein and Ernest Hemingway; to those of us who aren’t avid readers, they’re the “two brothers from the Muppets”. See, I cater to all audiences… :P Here's a pic of the two, the first time I saw them: