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My Guinea Pigs

About my guinea pig(s)

  1. Introducing Pearl

    In the wake of Spuds' passing, I adopted a new companion for Mable. She had been surrendered to petco as the girl that had owned her didn't want to take care of her any more. They said that her name was Daisy and that she was 6 months old. I renamed her Pearl and figure she's definitely older than 1 year; she has adult nails, weighs 2 pounds 11 ounces, and has cataracts.

    I was afraid that when I got her, it would feel like I was replacing Spuds. She looks so much like him, but I realized ...
  2. Pet store cages are entirely too small

    I still have the cage that Mable's previous owners kept her in and the cage that Chicken and Waffles' previous owners kept them in; I use them as temporary cages for when I do a full cage change. The pigs are only in them for 30 minutes while we change out the cages, but they manage to pee everywhere in them. Tonight, I was measuring those 2 cages to make a liner for them so the pigs wouldn't have to be on wet newspaper when I do a full cage change out.

    I was shocked at how small they ...
  3. Cherry

    Last month, I posted about Cherry losing so much weight due to what we thought were overgrown teeth. We took her in for a molar trimming, and as it turned out, she actually has a deformity in her tongue which is why she was only able to eat mash and couldn't eat solid food well. The vet did a very light planning of her molars that day.

    Cherry is doing so good! The molar trimming really helped her; she's learned to eat hay by using the side of her mouth and is steadily gaining weight ...
  4. Guinea pig funny

    It was time for my apartment's yearly inspection today, and after the guy came through and tested all the smoke-detectors, he asked me if those were guinea pigs I had in the second bedroom. I told him yes and he asked if I sheer them and spin their fur into yarn.

    I was half-tempted to say "Of course I sheer my short-haired guinea pigs; their fur makes the plushiest sweaters!"

    Non-guinea pig people have no idea of the secret world of guinea pig owners
  5. Keeping the pigs warm

    This month has had some wicked cold nights; sometimes as cold as -30 degrees Farenheight. I've started covering the pigs at night to help keep them warm. This week I've even had to cover up half of the cages. I've been shutting the blinds, too, to help with the cold window. One of my friends has even had to put fleece up on her windows. But all for the pigs!

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