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  1. Pet store cages are entirely too small

    I still have the cage that Mable's previous owners kept her in and the cage that Chicken and Waffles' previous owners kept them in; I use them as temporary cages for when I do a full cage change. The pigs are only in them for 30 minutes while we change out the cages, but they manage to pee everywhere in them. Tonight, I was measuring those 2 cages to make a liner for them so the pigs wouldn't have to be on wet newspaper when I do a full cage change out.

    I was shocked at how small they ...
  2. Craigslist Ad

    I was up late last night looking through Craigslist to kill sometime and I saw an a listing from the 15th titled "Free Pair of Guinea Pigs." I clicked on the ad and all it said was "Pair of male guinea pigs. Cream color. 7 inches long." There weren't any pictures, so I'm sure the person didn't care what happened to the pigs.

    I wanted to get the pigs and foster them so they wouldn't end up in some horrible place, so we emailed and texted the lister today like the ...
  3. Getting a foster today

    Today, I'm going to pick up a foster pig. Last month, we rescued his brother from the same person; she had him on Craigslist for rehoming so he would be "One less mouth to feed." We gave him to a friend of the family. When she has some space, she's going to take the new foster as well. He'll be so happy to see his brother again.

    The one I'm getting today and the one we got last month are Peruvians, but for some reason the lady shaved them She also said they're both are ...
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  4. Pet Monkeys

    I hate it so much when people keep monkeys as pets. The way that people take baby monkeys as pets is one of the cruelest things in the world. Not to mention monkeys are wild animals, and are not pets.

    I was reading the thread about justin bieber this morning, and I remembered he recently got a pet monkey. It just makes me so angry that this is even legal, and all of his fans are going to say, "Oh how cute, how sweet," when there was nothing sweet about how that monkey was ...
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