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  1. Reflections

    We used to pet-sit our friends guinea pig occasionally. She was the sweetest thing ever- she would fall asleep on your lap, she licked you, never bit, and made the cutest high-pitched squeaking noises.

    Then there's Tigger, the pig who runs under her cage during floor time, chews every thing imaginable, and bites every human hand in sight. Not to mention she pees on the walls.

    The other night, after a particularly long day, I turned to cuddle with Tigger. After about five ...
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  2. Piggy Attitude: As narrated by Pig and Human

    PIG: Hi guys, Tigger here! See this tent that I'm in? Mummy made it for me. I immediately took a liking to it, and I still don't know why she got so angry. I was only rumblestrutting it!
    HUMAN: Gah! Is this how you show appreciation towards the things I make for you?
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    PIG: So I came over to her and pulled the "Aren't-I-So-Cute" trick on her. (See below).
    HUMAN: So the little rascal tried to be all cute, but trust me, I've ...

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  3. Holiday Greetings

    It's that time of year again! Today my mom was looking through the mail, and she pulled out a few holiday greeting cards, which reminded me that I had to make a Christmas card. Using my trusty photo editing resources, I pulled together these two cards. Before I send (one) to my friends and family, I thought I'd share it with you because I can't decide between the two. So here's the question: What one do you like better? The first one, or the second one?

    Option One: