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  1. Just Adorable!!!

    Ok soooo I was just petting my guinea pig Cookie( who by the way used to never let me touch her but is now warming up to me) lays down and kinda lifts her leg a's like when you pet a dogs stomach and there own their backs and comfortable and was like that and I'm pretty sure she was enjoying it and it was just the cutest thing to me
  2. hungry hungry hippos

    soo my mother being the best mother ever just brought my guinea pigs about 4 bags of pellets for my guinea pigs that i put in a little bin to store...and now they are ready for about 2 months without running out of food..i always ran out of food because my dad would buy the little bags and by 2 weeks it wouldnt be now im happy that the have 2 months of food and 1 month of hay... :Dlollollollol
  3. funny

    i love watching my guinea pigs run around and be guinea pigs because some of the things they do is funny and it seems like when i start to watch them and i try to record it they stop..they a pretty funny and alot smarter than i thoughtlol
  4. making progress

    i have had my two female guinea pigs for 8 months now and i am starting to really warm up to them..i have never owned guinea pigs before and now they are starting to warm up to me,they let me pet them but they still run if i go towards their belly to pick them up...but they let me touch them and pet them and they are starting to come when i call their name.