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  1. Stan and Ollie

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ID:	21541Hello everyone I would like to introduce you to my boys. Above is Stan. Stan was from a very unlovable home. His cage at the time was one designed for small hampsters and gerbils a full 12" square. He was so thin I could see his hipbones and all he would do the first month I had him was tremor everytime he heard a humans voice. Honestly I did not know if he would make it. Over the last few months he has shown remarkable improvements. He now has put on weight ...
  2. Hi all looking for ideas

    Hello everyone.

    Well things for me have gotten better. I currently have 3 piggies, Well ok my daughter has one my son has one and I have one to be correct.

    We have a girl named sassy, who is a decendant of Amy one of the original cavies. and two boys Stan (rescued ) and Ollie who was given to me by a friend.

    Stan and Ollie have never met sassy so they get along like brothers.

    Anyway as to my post here.
    I am in my final project stage for ...