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  1. 25 guinea update

    We were lucky enough to have 3 people offer to foster - giving 8 of the 10 adult males a foster home.

    Today, I cleaned the girls and bub's cage - instead of using fleece, they've now got a Uhaul pad, 2 layers of newspaper and then kiln-dried pine bedding. While their cage isn't the biggest size - it's a 3.5 x 6 , it's the best we can do with-out having to get tricky with baby proofing.

    They are all named (Every animal needs their own name!!).....LONG list!


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  2. Two to over 25.....

    A few days ago, a very lovely brave lady rescued 24 guinea pigs.

    She knew the family who owned them, remembered when they had gotten two *males* from a pet shop.....she was horrified to see that they were breeding, covered in cuts and dandruff from mites and living ontop of 4 inches of their own pooh.

    She cleaned their cage. Went back the next day, there were four new babies...feed them, went back the next day and there were now seven babies. She contacted us, asking if ...
  3. Room done!

    The spare room is painted...hopefully by the end of this weekend I'll be in my new room and the boy's in the rescue will be in this room...We're planning to have it set up as a 2x4 stacked and an 2x5 stacked. Giving us 4 cages for the boys....all we have set up for them right now is a 2x4 stacked.
    Where as the room the girl's in the rescue are in have a 3x3 with a 2x3 stacked, and an 2x4 now the cage sizes will be kinda fair!

    Will post some pictures when we get the ...
  4. Waiting for the new room to be ready....

    We finally cleaned up the room we had fill of boxes from when we moved into the house.
    That room is going to be the boy pigs in the rescue's room...
    We'll be able to put up a stacked 2x4 and a stacked 2x2 + 2x3 L shape.

    In the other room by it I'll be moving into.

    I'm super excited! The waiting is going to feel so long...As we're gonna paint the room for the boys before we get them in it..

    I'm hoping I'll be able to give my three boys a 2x9 c&c ...
  5. Forever chaning cage!

    My mini herd's cage is now a 3x5 with the 2x2 hay bin on the side as an "L" shape....
    It's forever changing! This cage has been a 2x4, 2x4 with 1x2 loft, 2x5, 2x5 with 1x2 Hay bin on the side, 2x4 with 1x2 hay on the side and a 1x2 bunkbed on the side to a 3x5, a 3x5 with a 2x2 loft, 3x5 with a 2x3 loft, and a 3x5 with a 2x5 loft...Phew!!

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